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Viktor Bakels

( Member of team: Immer Gerade Waus  )

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If you think everyone should have the chance to slalom down a slope on a snowy mountain, even those who are disabled to do so on their own, then here is an easy chance to make a difference.

In March, along with Team Immer Garade Waus, I am going to race down the slopes as many times possible in 12 hours time in Saas Grund - The Hohsaas 12 Hours Race! 

If you donate, you will fund The Mentelity Games, a winter sports event for people with a disability. 

Be a good sport, and contribute to their unforgettable day in the snow & donate now!

If you like, of course ;).. I don't want to push you, or anything, but it would be nice 😊



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