Rowing 4800KM across the Atlantic, Row for IMPACT!

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Row for impact is a team of three stout-hearted Dutch women with only one goal in mind: raise money and make an IMPACT for Mentelity Foundation with every row necessary to traverse the 3000 mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021. Inspired by the famous paralympic athlete and founder of Mentelity Foundation, Bibian Mentel, the team is determined to face the TWAC 2021 head on to make as much of an IMPACT on the inspiring charity project JUMP (Junior Modular Prosthesis).  

All three women work in healthcare and share their passion for the row. They know from experience how vital it is for childrens health to participate in sports, something which presents quite a challenge for children with disabilities – especially when these activities require prosthesis not covered under standard insurance. 

The Mentelity Foundation started in The Netherlands along with the JUMP project that enables children to have their own custom made prosthesis, allowing them to participate in their favorite sports. Participation in sports has huge benefits for the lives of these children.  

Motivation to move is the motto for both the Mentelity Foundation and the team of Row for IMPACT, who are motivated to move and with that make a big IMPACT on the JUMP project. 

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