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Bibian Mentel lost her lower leg at the age of 27 due to cancer. She was a top athlete at the time and was about to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, USA (2002).

4 months after her amputation she was back on her snowboard and 7 months later she was Dutch Champion again!

Her dream was to make other people with a physical disability think in terms of possibilities instead of disablities. With this idea she started the Mentelity Foundation in 2012.

We do not accept that people with a physical challenge start thinking in terms of disabilities. Too often we see that people with a physical challenge think and accept that they can't do many things anymore. That's ,with good intentions, talked into by their environment, by their doctors or by themselves. But we know that everyone can do much more than they think. And we also know how much believing in possibilities enriches a life. That's why we see it as our mission to put an end to thinking in terms of disabilities.

With the help of boardsports we show that everythign is possible. We are also working on the development of a special prosthesis! For more information about these projects I refer you to:

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One Team, One Mission! 11 Cities, € 22.000,- The Mentelity SUP Day is One of the many games organized by the Mentelity Foundation to give children and (young) adults with a physical challenges, the opportunity to exercise (and support them in their sport career).  The Founder and multiple Paralympic champion snowboarder, Bibian Mentel, wants to show and inspire them to think in possibilities instead of limitations. Fanatic has been working together with the Mentelity Foundation for years to make the yearly Mentelity SUP day to a great success. During the Mentelity SUP day, it is the goal to get everyone on a SUP board and to create an unforgettable experience.  In 2020 (or... this year) we go to the next level!  Team Fanatic SUP Benelux will go stand up paddle for the Mentelity Foundation during the SUP 11-City Tour "September" 2020. The challenge for the team of trained athletes is to realize this multi marathon distance the best they can with the goal to raise money. That way, the Mentelity Foundation can keep doing what she does.  The SUP 11-City tour takes place 5 t/m 13 September 2020. The Ultimate challenge of 220 kilometers will be executed Non-Stop (5 and 6 September) as well as the 5-day event (9-13 September). The time on the SUP board will vary between 24 and 35 hours Emma Reijmerink, Niek van der Linde, Pascal Bleys, Jochum Steur, Anne-Marie Reichman-Totah, Jelle Steenbeek  and  Herman van den Berg will paddle the Non-Stop edition. Ella Oesterholt, Kjell de Bruijn and Joep van Bakel start in the 5 days edition. Donate on this page to support the Mentality Foundation and to motivate the participants during this severe voyage!
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