Mentelity Foundation

Bibian Mentel lost her lower leg at the age of 27 due to cancer. She was a top athlete at the time and was about to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, USA (2002).

4 months after her amputation she was back on her snowboard and 7 months later she was Dutch Champion again!

Her dream was to make other people with a physical disability think in terms of possibilities instead of disablities. With this idea she started the Mentelity Foundation in 2012.

We do not accept that people with a physical challenge start thinking in terms of disabilities. Too often we see that people with a physical challenge think and accept that they can't do many things anymore. That's ,with good intentions, talked into by their environment, by their doctors or by themselves. But we know that everyone can do much more than they think. And we also know how much believing in possibilities enriches a life. That's why we see it as our mission to put an end to thinking in terms of disabilities.

With the help of boardsports we show that everythign is possible. We are also working on the development of a special prosthesis! For more information about these projects I refer you to:

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