Hoh Saas 12 Hours knock out race


The goal of the 12 hours knock out race is to be a fundraiser for the Mentelity Games.

The Mentelity Games is a 3 day ski and snowboard event for disabled people together with their relatives and friends from all over the world. It will take place on the slopes of the mountains in Saas Grund, Switzerland. During this event the participants will ride together but most important, have fun together! The event will take during 3 days, with new activities each day. This varies from clinics for first timers to a selection day for potentials. From learning how to sit-ski to racing in the newest equipment. Clinics will be given on all levels, from beginners onwards, by trainers, coaches and also by Paralympic athletes in all different snow sports. There will be a “Knowledge Street” where specialist will help you to get the best out of you and your sport. This event is also for NPC’s to exchange knowledge with their colleagues from different countries and to learn how to set up a professional program.

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15-07-2019 | 20:10 To: Met Hans Van De Schans