Everyone is a winner!

Beate Vetter

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We believe every human being deserves an opportunity in life and investing in a kid's future is a good way to support that. Sports provide a great possibility for kids to develop themselves physically & mentally and will boost their self-confidence overall. The Mentelity Foundation motivates and enables physically disabled kids to participate in sports and potentially go onto a professional athletic career. Therefore we support the Mentelity Games to make this happen!
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€30 02-04-2022 | 11:12 Go, Beate, go, go, go!!!!!!!!
€30 02-04-2022 | 11:07
€50 27-03-2022 | 19:07 Because everyone needs to be a winner!
€50 24-03-2022 | 17:38 I love children all over the world
€30 22-03-2022 | 07:34